A single repository for all employee records and details

Keep your personnel files up-to-date at all times with HoorayHR. A digital personnel file in HoorayHR saves time and money. A single repository for all employee records and details, never lose a single piece of information again!
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Kiss goodbye to paperwork and form-filling and get ready to embrace a bird’s eye view!

Businesses often store their data and records in single files or Excel Spreadsheets. The risk of data loss or inefficiency is considerable. With HoorayHR’s digital personnel files, you will be storing all data and records at a single location; protected and unlimited storage capacity!

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Personnel files available any time anywhere

Personnel file

As a business owner you get a bird’s eye perspective of all files, your employees have simple access to their own file via the HoorayHR App. Easy peasy, right?

  • An end to searching multiple systems
  • Unlimited data and record storage capacity
  • Accessible any time anywhere
  • Secure and GDPR-proof
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testimonial eva
testimonial eva
Eva Izeboud HR Manager - Stucomm
HoorayHR is the first step towards professionalisation: everything on a single platform, doing things one way only, incredibly practical!

Why opt for HoorayHR?

Never lose a single piece of information again. Save time from the get-go, courtesy of a single smart HR tool.
Good reasons to opt for HoorayHR:

  • Plug-and-play in 5 minutes
  • Flexible, you use what you need
  • Break-down according to team and team leader
  • Pay only for working employees
  • Set monthly fee, you are not tied down to a contract (and no implementation costs!)
HoorayHR, the all in one
HR-tool for enterpreneurs
HoorayHR automates your HR processes and provides the information your colleagues need. Our three promises:
Save time
No more Excel; Automate your HR processes
Save money
Save thousands € relative to complex HR software.
Easy to use!
Easy and smart; everybody can work with HoorayHR!
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