Manage all your HR tasks with HoorayHR

How do you manage all your team’s HR tasks without forgetting anything? And without spending time on useless admin tasks in Excel and stand-alone documents?
Manage your HR tasks the smart way with Hooray HR.

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The following companies save time by managing HR tasks with HoorayHR

Can you really manage HR tasks quicker and easier?

Managing HR tasks can become a time-consuming chore. Especially if you work with Excel sheets or all kind of different separated tools. With HoorayHR you automate all your HR processes using one tool only. Then you save time and keep on track of all the HR processes.

        • Save time by automating HR tasks.
        • Never lose important data. Keep your HR affairs in one place.
        • Employees are happy because they get autonomy in their HR tasks.

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All your HR affairs taken care of from a single space

All in one

HoorayHR brings all your HR processes together in one tool. Managing HR becomes a breeze for SME’s with HoorayHR. Away with out of control Excel spreadsheets, loose documents and separate tools.

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Finish your HR tasks on time


HoorayHR helps you to complete your HR tasks on time. Through smart notifications and convenient workflows, we not only help you to keep your HR records on time, but HoorayHR also ensures that your colleagues complete their actions on time. Hooray, more time for your team!

  • Practical reminders so you don’t forget anything
  • Workflow templates to get you started right away
  • Smart tasks for the whole team

Start saving time

hr analytics dashboard

Insight and overview of your HR administration


HoorayHR provides immediate insight and overview of the state of your company. How is the personal development of your employees? And are there any peculiarities regarding absenteeism? With helpful dashboards and reports you have better control of your SME business.

  • HR analytics to gain better insights
  • Helpful dashboards that provide you with a structured overview

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hr app

Direct access for your employees

Employee app

Employees want to be able to know about their personnel files. What’s even better is to get them to take care of their own HR tasks. This they can do using the HoorayHR employee app. Yes! A happy team.

  • From address changes to leave requests
  • One app for all your employees

Invite your employees

Why 10 000+ HR tasks are taken care of with HoorayHR

testimonial eva
testimonial eva
Eva Izeboud HR Manager - Stucomm
Hooray is is the first step towards professionalisation. It's a streamlined all-in-one tool, so convenient!
testimonial wouter
testimonial wouter
Wouter Delken COO - Faqta
It's so easy to use! Employees don't get trained by Hooray, they can get started right away after their first login.
Vic'Delphant testimonial
Vic'Delphant testimonial
Vic D'Elfant
HR administration is an unavoidable 'problem' in a growing team. Hooray combines the simplicity of Excel with the ease of use of today's software.

Frequently asked questions
about HoorayHR

In case you have a question that hasn’t been covered yet, don’t hesitate to contact us by chat or through our other support channels. We’d be happy to assist you in streamlining your HR processes!

What kind of solution does HoorayHR offer?

HoorayHR is the all-in-one HR tool for SMEs. Especially for companies between 5 and 150 employees we have developed a tool to streamline all HR processes. With a focus on entrepreneurs and HR managers, but above all on their employees.

Which HR processes can I manage with HoorayHR?

HoorayHR allows you to manage basically any process within an SME. From onboarding to leave registration and from company assets to performance management.

Read about all HR processes supported by HoorayHR.

Can I create onboarding templates?

HoorayHR provides standard templates for onboarding. You can also build your own workflows and customise templates!

Who is HoorayHR suited for?

HoorayHR is perfectly suited for companies between 5 and 150 employees. Many fast growing companies choose HoorayHR, to create immediate structure and overview. HoorayHR can be implemented within one day, we are happy to assist you.

Take the free trial to discover HoorayHR.

How much is HoorayHR?

HoorayHR charges a €5,00 fee per user per month and there aren’t any implementation costs. You aren’t tied to a contract, so you can cancel HoorayHR every month.

Can I connect HoorayHR to my payroll administration?

That’s possible. At the moment, we can connect to Visma Nmbrs, Loket and Salar. All your HR data can be completed and will be ready for your payroll administration.

Hundreds of fast-growing companies already manage their HR administration with HoorayHR, when will you start?

  • Tailored to fast-growing SMEs
  • Flexible: use only the features you need
  • Manage all your HR tasks from one space
  • No implementation costs
  • A set monthly fee, no catch, no implementation costs
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The all-in-one
HR tool for entrepreneurs
Use HoorayHR to streamline the entire HR process and save time on HR tasks. Our three promises:
Save time
No more papers and Excel. Everything is automated!
Save money
Save thousands on complex HR software.
Easy to use
An intuitive HR tool. Hooray is easy-peasy!
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