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Get a grip on your absence management

HoorayHR lets you record someone as ill with one click of a button. Everybody knows who’s available that day right away and you get an overview of absenteeism rates in your organisation, teams and colleagues.

  • Overview of absenteeism rates
  • Self service for employees
  • Including practical HR features

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It's so easy to use! Employees don't get trained by Hooray, they can get started right away after their first login. Wouter Delken, COO - Faqta

Absence management
for a healthy team

Managing absence has never been easier with HoorayHR’s absence registration software. Keep control of absenteeism and gain insight into the well-being of your team.


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absence management hoorayhr

Record sick leave with one click of a button

Absence management

Hooray is made to save time for entrepreneurs. Therefore, employees can call in sick with one click on the button. Everything is always up to date and no time is lost recording absenteeism.

  • Record sick leave with one click of a button
  • Absenteeism rate transparent at every level: company, team and employee

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Get a grip on absenteeism!

Absence registration

With absence management from Hooray you get instant management information. We ensure that you are always aware of absence percentages per employee, team and of your entire company.

  • Managing absenteeism better
  • Absenteeism rates per employee, team and company
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere

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Frequently asked questions about
absence management

Can’t find your answer? Contact us by chat or through our other support channels.
We’d be happy to assist you and your team in streamlining the absence management process!

Can I get started with absence management directly?

Yes! Go to our sign up page to try it for free and you can get started right away. Within 5 minutes, you’ll have added all your employees and put their annual leave allowances in order.

Can employees call in sick easily?

Yes, you can. Employees have direct access to their own workspace in Hooray. They can call in sick via the web application, as well as via the Hooray App. This allows your employee to stay in bed and call in sick.
As soon as someone calls in sick, the administrator and/or team leader receives an e-mail notification and a push notification within the Hooray App.

What information on absence does HoorayHR save?

HoorayHR only asks for the information permitted by law to ensure the privacy of the employee.

Will my employee no longer need to call for absence registration?

We advise you to take the route that is most convenient for your own operations. Do not forget to record the method of reporting sick in your staff handbook, so that everyone in your organisation knows how the absence policy works.

How do you notify you've recovered?

On the dashboard of Hooray you can see the outstanding absence reports. Notifying you have recovered can be done in two ways. Option 1 is that the employee reports themselves better. The manager or team leader receives a notification and has to check this report. Option 2 is for the administrator or team leader to report the employee as having recovered. This can be done with one click from your dashboard.

Need assitance with recovery notifications? We’ll help you step-by-step in our article.

Is HoorayHR available in other languages as well?

Yes, HoorayHR is available in English and Dutch.

Need help with your language settings? Have a look at our article. 

Is HoorayHR available as an app?

HoorayHR is compatible with iOS and Android. You and your employees can submit and review all absence reports directly from your mobile phone. It couldn’t be easier.

Can I see an overview of the absence registration?

Yes, we have extensive HR analytics that allows you to see a clear overview of absence records at company, team and individual level. These overviews are also easy to adapt to a specific time period (e.g. month, quarter, year).

What are the costs of absence management via Hooray?

HoorayHR charges one simple fee of €5,00 per employee per month without additional (implementation) costs. Next to absent management, paying this fee gives you access to our other tools as well: leave registration; absent management; document management; contract management; personnel files; workflows and our self service app.

Why manage absenteeism with HoorayHR?

Never lose anything again. Instant time saving through one smart HR tool.
You decide for HoorayHR, because…

  • Plug and play in 5 minutes
  • Flexible: use only the features you need
  • Absenteeism percentages automatically calculated
  • Only pay for active users
  • A set monthly fee, no catch, no implementation costs
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HoorayHR, the all-in-one
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Use HoorayHR to streamline the entire HR-process and save time on HR tasks. Our three promises:
Save time
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Easy to use
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