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Integration Teamtailor x HoorayHR, seamlessly transitioning from hiring to onboarding.


Integration Teamtailor x HoorayHR

With the Teamtailor x HoorayHR integration, you can automatically add new hires to HoorayHR. This connection allows you to hire someone from Teamtailor (ATS, Applicant Tracking System) and automatically add them to HoorayHR. This streamlines the process from hiring to onboarding!

What is Teamtailor (ATS)?

Teamtailor is recruitment software designed for SMBs with 50 or more employees. With modern features tailored to you and your candidates, you have everything you need to recruit successfully. Within Teamtailor, you can easily create a ‘jobs’ page, track applicants, and support the entire recruitment process, making your recruitment more efficient and onboarding faster.

The benefits of HoorayHR x Teamtailor integration

With the integration between Teamtailor and HoorayHR, you create a streamlined hiring and onboarding process. Once you’ve selected the right candidate in Teamtailor, the onboarding process starts in HoorayHR immediately.

  • Quickly add new colleagues from Teamtailor to HoorayHR.
  • Initiate the onboarding process directly.
  • Provide a fantastic experience for your new hires.

More information and assistance with usage

Would you like to activate the integration with Teamtailor? Log in to Teamtailor and activate the integration from there.

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