360-degree feedback

Develop your team through 360-degree feedback & surveys

Company growth starts with the personal and professional development of your employees. 360-degree feedback allows you and your employees to gain insights into your development quickly and easily.

    • 360-degree feedback
    • Use surveys, such as employee satisfaction
    • Expected to launch in Q4 2023

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Let your employees grow to flourish as a company

360-degree feedback & surveys allow you to easily work on the growth of your employees and company. Employees easily get feedback from their colleagues. As an employer, you’ll get an overview of your team’s satisfaction with one click on a button. All to support employees’ and company growth.


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Constructive feedback

Stimulate the development of your employees and increase involvement

360-degree feedback

Use 360-degree feedback to actively support employees in their development. Just ask each employee for feedback, both external and internal, and increase the involvement of your team!

  • Request feedback internally and externally (anonymously)
  • Create your own templates
  • Support in the (development)cycle


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feedback survey

Gather information and feedback from the entire team


Do you quickly and easily want to send out a survey within your business? To measure employee satisfaction, for example? Create your own questionnaire and send it off to the employees.

  • Templates for surveys
  • Randomised and anonymous options
  • Easily send reminders

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Feedback results

Insight in results from feedback and surveys


HoorayHR creates insightful reports for surveys as well as 360-degree feedback. This allows employees to find out directly what their points of improvement are. For employers, it offers a visual oversight of the feedback from the surveys.

  • Clear reports
  • Compare survey results

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Frequently asked questions about 360-degree feedback & surveys

Below you’ll find the most frequently asked questions about HoorayHR’s 360-degree feedback and surveys.
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When will 360-degree feedback & surveys be available?

Right now 360-degree feedback and surveys is in the testing phase. We aim to launch this feature in Q4 2023, so that everyone can kick off the new year by gathering feedback. So please wait for a little bit!

I want to take part in the test phase once it is available, can I?

Yes, that’s possible. Please contact us through our support channels. Here you can let us know you’re interested in taking part in the testing phase.

Once the testing phase is available we’ll get in touch with you right away!

Can employees ask for feedback from colleagues themselves?

Sure! Admins can set up templates for surveys beforehand. Then workflows can be used to set up the feedback process for employees. This is to ensure everyone asks for feedback on time!

How much does 360-degree feedback & surveys cost?

We’ll launch the 360-degree feedback feature in beta in Q4, so everyone can use it right away. After that, 360-degree feedback & surveys will be offered as an add-on. There will be an additional charge for this.

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