Onboard, manage, grow.
All HR processes in one place.

Automate your HR processes with HoorayHR to get a good overview.
No more complicated spreadsheets or floating loose files, but everything in one place.

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Streamlined employee onboarding process

Onboarding of new employees takes time and money. To get a high ROI it is important this process is structured. HoorayHR allows you to automate the onboarding process, making your new employee feel at home in no time. As an entrepreneur or HR manager, you can easily reduce and streamline the onboarding process with HoorayHR.

onboarding hoorayhr
Digital personnel file

Keep your HR processes up to date with a digital personnel file. One place for all files and employee information. No more floating loose files!

  • Always a clear overview of your HR files
  • Divide into teams
  • Useful overviews to keep count of birthdays and anniversaries, for example
Contract management with online signing

HoorayHR provides you with a clear overview of all contracts, both permanent and temporary ones. This includes the option to sign contracts online. You’ll never forget to extend a contract on time.

  • Smart reminders
  • Includes online signing
HR workflows

From onboarding to offboarding. All your processes as neat HR workflows with HoorayHR. Build your own workflows and take care of assigning tasks directly.

  • Useful templates
  • Assign tasks
  • From onboarding to offboarding


Keep track of HR and automate your processes

As an entrepreneur or HR manager you have a lot on your plate. From leave applications to expense claims and from contract extensions to making reports for your payroll process. With HoorayHR, managing all these tasks becomes a piece of cake.

Expense claim hoorayhr
Leave management

Away with complex Excel sheets keeping track of absentees. Leave management with HoorayHR is simple as can be and 100% accurate.

  • Different types of leave automatically calculated
  • Different budgets and categories
  • Leave app for employees
Sick leave

HoorayHR allows you to register someone as ill with one click of a button. This way, everyone immediately knows their availability and you get insight into the rate of absenteeism of your organisation, teams and colleagues.

  • Insights into the rate of absenteeism
  • Self-service for employees
Time sheets

Keep track of time. Time sheets integrated in HR software; no separate tools needed for time tracking and processing in your HR administration!

  • Track time easily
  • Select different payout options, e.g. time off in lieu
  • Insight with useful reports
Document management

Save all your HR documents in one place, so you’ll never lose anything again. This feature includes smart notifications, sharing documents with cowokers and online signing.

  • Organise by yourself using files
  • Create useful notifications
  • Online signing available
Claim expenses in-app

Don’t let your receipts lay around! Scan your expense claims with HoorayHR to save time, avoid mistakes, and to get an overview of the costs made.

  • Scan receipts with the app
  • Integrations with accounting software

Know exactly who is using what in your team. From laptops and account details to keys and wireless keyboards. Easily record who has which assets.

  • Easily record assets
  • Insight for employees
Set work location

Set your location to the office or home so you have a quick overview of who’s working where. This is then turned into a monthly report with office and working from home days. Pretty useful when calculating the travel allowance and reimbursement for homeworking expenses!

  • Easily set your location in your schedule
  • Overview office occupancy rate
  • Reports on travel allowance and reimbursement for homeworking expenses
HR self service app

For employees we’ve got an easy-to-use app on iOS and Android. Employees can use it to take care of their HR related tasks in no time. From requesting time off to claiming expenses.

  • Perfect for employee HR tasks
  • Including time off, time registration, calling in sick, expense claims and scheduling work locations


Support personal development
and grow as a team

HoorayHR enables you to get more out of your business! HoorayHR provides you with insights in and smart reports on your business performance. Your team make up the pillars of your business, which is enhanced by easy monitoring and stimulating of personal development through HoorayHR. Together we ensure the growth of your team!

performance management hoorayhr
Performance management

Performance management is the perfect tooling to focus on the growth of your people. Together, you will ensure personal growth and take the next step as a team!

  • Set goals easily
  • Keep track of evaluation cycle
  • Flexible templates
HR Analytics

Keep a grip on the growth of your company and stay informed. Keep track of leave budgets, absence percentages and hours; with HR analytics, you know what is going on with your employees, teams and your company.

  • Clear reports
  • Easy to assemble


Integrate HoorayHR in your existing workspace

With HoorayHR’s smart integrations we connect to yoru workspace. From your calendar to your accounting software, and from online signing to payroll administration.

connect hoorayhr
Integrate with recruitment software

HoorayHR actively links with recruitment software. This way we streamline the onboarding process from hiring to onboarding. Push your new employee directly from your recruitment software to HoorayHR and your new employee can start immediately.

Integrate with payroll software

With HoorayHR you connect directly to your payroll system. We make sure your employees are synchronised; from payslips to changes of address and from time sheets to notifications of absence. Everything directly available in your payroll package.

Integrate online signing

Our online signing integrations lets you digitally sign documents instantly. Our integration with Sign by CM.com ensures contracts are signed and put into HoorayHR swiftly.

Connect to bookkeeping software

Once expense claims are approved in HoorayHR, the receipts are directly processed in your accounting system. HoorayHR can be integrated with almost any modern accounting software, from Exact Online to Moneybird.

Connect to calendar

Would you like to see all leave requests, birthdays or working days in your own calendar? HoorayHR is easy to connect to your calendar. From Google Calendar to Office 365 Calendar.