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HoorayHR’s expense reimbursement app

No more receipts laying around! Claim your expenses in HoorayHR’s expense reimbursement app. Save time, prevent errors and get an insight the expenses made.

    • Expense reimbursement app for employees
    • Clear overview and insight for entrepreneurs
    • Practical links to your accounting software

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Everything is taken care of for your employees when using HoorayHR, wonderful! Wouter Delken, COO - Faqta

All expense claims processed straight away with the expense reimbursement app

Where is the receipt? When will my expense claim be paid? How much does each employee claim? Our expense reimbursement app automates the expense claim process from beginning to end. The best thing is that we have integrations with several accounting software providers so your expense claim is also automatically processed by them. Exact online, AFAS, Moneybirda and Yuki are all examples of accounting software you can integrate with HoorayHR.


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Automate your expense claims

Expense reimbursement app

Employees easily scan their receipts using the expense reimbursement app. All expense claims are gathered online in one place and approving them will become a piece of cake. You’ll never lose a receipt again and the payment is processed instantly.

  • Expense reimbursement app for scanning receipts
  • Approval by employer and team leaders
  • Linked to your accounting software

Process expense claims easily

All expense claims

Monthly overview of expense claims

Insight in expense claims

Know exactly how much you have to pay out to whom at the end of the month. With HoorayHR you always keep an overview of all claims.

  • Monthly overview of expense claims
  • Know what amount to pay to which employee immediately

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Expense claim date

Understanding of expenditures


Our expense claim report shows you the expenses made so you can keep track of them.

  • Improved insight and understanding of expense claims
  • Compile and adjust the reports

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travel expenses hoorayhr

Claim your travel expenses right away

Travel expenses feature

Log your travels and calculate your travel expenses automatically!

  • Distances and travel expenses calculated automatically
  • Monthly overview of incurred travel expenses
  • Employee can log their drives easily

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Frequently asked questions about the expense reimbursement app

Below you’ll find the most frequently asked questions about HoorayHR’s expense claim
Can’t find your answer? Contact us by chat or through our other support channels.
We’d be happy to assist you and your team in streamlining the expense claim process!

Does HoorayHR have an expense reimbursement app?

That’s right! The HoorayHR app has simple functionalities so you can scan your receipts and send them to the administrator or team leader. The person in charge can approve the expense claim right away.
The best thing is that it is not just an app for expense claims, but it also enables employees to request leave or to call in sick. So, all your HR affairs are in one place.

Can I try the HoorayHR expense reimbursement app for free?

Yes, you can try the expense reimbursement app free of charge. Sign up for free and give it a try for 14 days without charge.

Can I hook up HoorayHR to my accounting software or payroll administration?

You can connect HoorayHR to several types of accounting software and payroll administration software to process the expense claims. Examples are Moneybird, Yuki, Exact online, Afas and Minox, among others.

In case you want an overview of all integrations, check out our integration page.

Does everyone have access to all expense claims?

Within HoorayHR you can adjust the settings to provide people access to viewing and/or approving expense claim. You can give these rights to admins only, or include team leaders for example

Is HoorayHR's expense reimbursement app GDPR-proof?

The HoorayHR expense reimbursement app complies with the GDPR. HoorayHR makes your HR-admin GDPR-proof. All information is safely encrypted and stored and you decide who gets to see what. Easy-peasy and watertight.

How much does HoorayHR cost, including the expense reimbursement feature?

HoorayHR charges one simple fee of €5,00 per employee per month without additional (implementation) costs. Next to the expense reimbursement app, paying this fee gives you access to our other tools as well: leave registration; absent management; document management; contract management; personnel files; workflows and our self service app.

Could you give me a short demo?

Sure! We’d be happy to assist you. Schedule a moment right away so one of our support heroes can provide you with a one-on-one tour of our application!

Why pick HoorayHR’s expense reimbursement app?

HoorayHR streamlines your entire HR process. It’s not just about processing receipts with the expense reimbursement app, but it also allows you to automate requests for leave, contract management and sick leave notifications. HoorayHR is the all-in-one HR tool for SMEs!

  • Plug and play in 5 minutes
  • Flexible: use only the features you need
  • Management reports to improve the decision-making process
  • Only pay for active users
  • A set monthly fee, no catch, no implementation costs
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HoorayHR, the all-in-one
HR tool for SMEs
Use HoorayHR to streamline the entire expense reimbursement process and save time on HR tasks. Our three promises:
Save time
No more papers and Excel. Everything is automated!
Save money
Save thousands on complex HR software.
Easy to use
An intuitive HR tool. Hooray is easy-peasy!
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