Easy-to-use HR software for SMEs

User-friendly HR software for SMEs. All your HR affairs arranged in one software package. Especially developed for entrepreneurs and their team!

  • Quick onboarding process with HR workflows
  • Manage HR tasks, such as leave, absenteeism and expence claims
  • Performance management and 360-degree feedback
  • Connect to your workspace

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Eva Izeboud
Smart HR software, implementation within one day and friendly support! Eva Izeboud, HR Manager - Stucomm

User-friendly HR software for SMEs

As an SME entrepreneur, you have no time to lose. Talents are your company’s greatest asset. HoorayHR streamlines all HR processes. Gain more time for your business and see to it that your employees are happy!


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Use workflows for a smart onboarding process


HoorayHR includes smart workflows, so you can quickly and easily onboard your colleagues. No need for checklists in spreadsheets but a direct insight into the progress of the onboarding workflows in your HR software.

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hr software manage

Manage your HR tasks


HoorayHR makes managing your HR tasks a breeze. HoorayHR’s HR software helps employees to manage their HR tasks. One HR app for all their HR affairs.

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performance management hoorayhr

Grow as a team to flourish as a company


With HoorayHR we help you grow your team. Support your meeting cycle and set goals as an employee with our HR software. You will also receive valuable insights through user-friendly management reports.

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connect hoorayhr

Connect your favourite tools to HoorayHR!


HoorayHR allows you to link your favourite tools to our HR software package. We offer the possibility to connect with various accounting packages and other types of integrations. This way, you can optimally streamline your HR process and manual changes are no longer necessary. Keep your tasks simple, clear and save time!


  • Integrations with different kinds of accounting software and more!


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Frequently asked questions about

In case you have a question that hasn’t been covered yet, don’t hesitate to contact us by chat or through our other support channels. We’d be happy to assist you in streamlining your HR processes!

Who can benefit from HoorayHR's software?

HoorayHR is specifically suited for SMEs. We think it is exciting to make the difference for this group in particular, so that together we can build a great place to work.

How much is HoorayHR?

HoorayHR is an all-in-one HR tool. We charge a €5,00 fee per user per month and there aren’t any implementation costs. This will allow you to use all our HR features: from leave registration to expense claims and from time sheets to contract management. All in one place!

What features are currently being developed within your HR software?

Every month we make improvements and new features. We always do this based on user feedback, so you as our client can influence how HoorayHR is developed. This way our HR software fits perfectly with the use of our clients.

Do you want to know about our recent developments? Check out our roadmap.

How long does implementing HoorayHR take?

Many HR software packages take a long time to implement. Not so with HoorayHR.

Because of the simplicity of the product and the smart features, you can implement our software within one day. Our customer success team is happy to help you!


Could you give me a short demo?

Of course! We are happy to show you our HR software, because as soon as you see HoorayHR you immediately experience its ease of use. Schedule an appointment in our agenda and one of our heroes will give you a tour through our application!

Why do SMEs use

  • Plug and play in 5 minutes
  • Flexible: use only the features you need
  • Tailored to SMEs
  • Only pay for active users
  • A set monthly fee, no catch, no implementation costs
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The all-in-one
HR tool for SMEs
Use HoorayHR to streamline the entire HR process and save time on HR tasks. Our three promises:
Save time
No more papers and Excel. Everything is automated!
Save money
Save thousands on complex HR software.
Easy to use
An intuitive HR tool. Hooray is easy-peasy!
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