Sign contracts from Hooray

Manage your contracts well so you don’t forget to renew them

The HoorayHR contract management feature provides you with a clear overview of all your employment contracts. You’ll always be able to oversee contract data so you know what contracts employees have. Your contracting will be under control.

  • Overview contract data
  • Smart notifications
  • Includes online signing

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Wouter Delken
Taking care of an up to date personnel administration is highly important, because I want my colleagues to be well taken care of. Wouter Delken, COO - Faqta

Hooray’s contract management

HoorayHR always allows you to have a clear overview of your employment contracts. You’ll know directly how many employment contracts an employee has had, you will get notifications about them automatically on time and be able to sign contracts online. Isn’t that easy?


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All contracts in one place

All contracts in one place

Cut the red tape by managing contracts online

Employment contracts are defining for the relationship between the employer and the employee. With HoorayHR you can store an unlimited amount of files for yourself and your employees.

  • Quick overview of the type of contracts
  • Transparancy towards your employees: they’ll get a copy
  • Unlimited file storage

Take care of contracts

Contract expiry notification

Get notified when contracts are about to end

Messages and notifications

Hooray helps you keep track of contract renewals. You’ll be able to view all contract data at a glance so you can take action on time.

  • Don’t forget contract renewals anymore
  • All contract data at a glance
  • Unlimited file storage


Organise your contracts

Sign contracts online

Smart integration for online signing

Online signing

HoorayHR has an integration so you can sign contracts online with one click of a button directly from the HoorayHR workspace. It’s really easy and 100% legal.

  • Sign contracts remotely.
  • 100% legally valid.

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Frequently asked questions about
contract management

In case you have a question that hasn’t been covered yet, don’t hesitate to contact us by chat or through our other support channels. We’d be happy to assist you in streamlining your contract managment process!

Can I view the amount of contracts an employee has had?

Yes, you can quickly see how many contracts an employee has had. You can use the filter in the contract overview or visit their personnel file.

How do I know when a contract is about to end?

Hooray automatically sends you notifications about contract statuses. You’ll get a reminder 90 and 45 days before the end of a contract. Besides, the dashboard shows you what contracts are about to end as well.

Can I sign contracts online?

Yes, you can easily sign contracts online. HoorayHR has an integration with Sign by in order to do so.

Can I save other documents apart from contracts?

Sure! Document management is included as a standard feature of HoorayHR. You can save an unlimited amount of files with it.

How much does HoorayHR contract management cost?

HoorayHR charges one simple fee of €5,00 per employee per month without additional (implementation) costs. Next to contract management, paying this fee gives you access to our other tools as well: leave registration; document management; personnel files; payslips and our self service app.

Could you give me a short demo with personal advice?

Sure! We’d be happy to assist you. Schedule a moment right away so one of our support heroes can see whether HoorayHR is the right option for you.

Why manage contracts with HoorayHR?

  • Plug and play in 5 minutes
  • Flexible: use only the features you need
  • Contract management, including document management and online signing
  • Only pay for active users
  • A set monthly fee, no catch, no implementation costs
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