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Create an automatic onboarding process; new hires automatically in HoorayHR!

Integrating Homerun with HoorayHR

Would you like to have your new hires automatically added to HoorayHR? With the integration between Homerun and HoorayHR, this is possible. The integration ensures that as soon as you hire someone in Homerun (ATS, Applicant Tracking System), they are immediately added to HoorayHR. This creates an automated process from hiring to onboarding.

What is Homerun (ATS)?

Homerun offers smart recruitment software, also known as an ATS system (Application Tracking System). With this system, you can easily create an attractive “Careers” page with individual pages for job postings. Interested candidates can apply directly and enter a funnel so that you can easily manage the applications. This gives you more control over the entire application process, allowing you to hire more quickly and more efficiently.

The Benefits of Integrating HoorayHR with Homerun

By integrating HoorayHR with Homerun, you can create a streamlined hiring and onboarding process. HoorayHR immediately creates new employees as soon as someone is processed in Homerun’s “Hired” stage. From here, you can start the onboarding process in HoorayHR.

  • Automatically add new hires from Homerun to HoorayHR
  • Start onboarding workflows directly to ensure a smooth onboarding process
  • Create a great experience for new employees

How does the HoorayHR x Homerun integration work?

As soon as an applicant reaches the “Hired” stage in Homerun, a new employee is automatically created in HoorayHR. The person’s information is immediately added to HoorayHR. You can also manually import individuals from Homerun to HoorayHR.

More Information and Assistance

Would you like to activate the integration with Homerun? In the HoorayHR Help Center, you can find all the information about the use of HoorayHR. In this Help-article you’ll find all the information you need to activate the HoorayHR x Homerun integration. If you need further assistance, our support team is available from Monday until Friday to answer all your questions!

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