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Talent really thrives within a great working environment.

What if Elon Musk and his team never really quite got round to building rockets and tunnels because the law required them to keep personnel files on record? What if Airbnb’s Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia had to spend a fair chunk of their precious time on processing leave requests? And what if claims stood in the way of the Swapfiets team to grow their start-up business?

Courtesy of HoorayHR, people get to do what they are good at.

All of these questions were going through our mind when we realised that our time and energy was wasted on all kinds of HR processes. Working hard on our digital product studio Liters, we noticed how leave requests, claims and personnel files demanded all our attention. Yes, we are excited about HR, but our heart really skips a beat when we are developing fun, innovative products. This made us decide that HR processes should never again come at the expense of talent and business ownership. It was time to develop the online HR tool HoorayHR.


Courtesy of HoorayHR, people get to do what they are good at. No more hassle with side issues which no one feels like dealing with anyway. No cluttered spreadsheets to take a day off. No messy or lost personnel files because of time-guzzling tools which nobody understands. No more forgotten contract renewals. How great is it when HR affairs are simply well organised? When everybody gets to reap the benefit of good employment practices?

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How nice is it when a leave request, a claim, a personnel file or a contract renewal is done and dusted in just a few mouse clicks? And how nice is it when you can do all of that with one practical tool that also happens to be fun to use?

In HoorayHR, you are offering every man and woman in your company a great place to work. Talent is no longer wasted on side issues, leaving you as the business owner free to do what you are good at: driving forward a kick-ass business with a kick-ass corporate culture. Hooray!

Want a great place to work? Try HoorayHR free of charge.

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