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Talent only really comes to life in a great place to work

What if Elon Musk and his team wouldn’t be able to build rockets and tunnels, just because they were stuck working on personnel files? What if Airbnb’s Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia had to spend time on processing leave requests? And what if expense claims would get in the way of growing your startup?

HoorayHR empowers people to do what they do best.

These questions came to mind when we realised we were spending too much time and energy on all kinds of HR processes. While we were working hard on our digital product studio Liters, we noticed how much leave requests, expense claims and personnel files lured us away from our actual work. Of course we are excited about HR, but developing great innovative products really gets our blood pumping. With that in mind, we decided we would never let HR processes come at the cost of talent and entrepreneurship. It had become time to develop the online HoorayHR tool.


HoorayHR empowers people to do what they do best. No more hassle about additional tasks nobody wants to take care of. No cluttered spreadsheets to take a day off. No more sloppy or lost personnel files due to time-consuming tools that nobody understands. No more forgotten contract renewals. How nice would it be if personnel matters were simply well organised? When everyone can enjoy being a good employer?

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How convenient would it be if a leave request, an expense claim, a personnel file or a contract renewal can be arranged in just a few clicks?Β And how nice would it be if this could all be done with one easy-to-use tool that is also fun to use?

HoorayHR offers everyone in your company a great place to work. Talent is no longer lost to other matters and you as an entrepreneur can do what you do best: grow a kick-ass company with a kick-ass corporate culture. Hooray!

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