document management

Document management,
all in one place!

With HoorayHR you save your HR documents in one place.  You will never lose anything again. Including smart notifications, sharing with employees and digital signing.

  • All your HR documents in one place
  • Never lose anything again
  • Online signing

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Wouter Delken
Having a good and up-to-date personnel administration is very important for us, because I want everything to be taken care of. Wouter Delken, COO - Faqta

Out with loose folders,
in with a single structure

Where is that one file again? Maybe in your Inbox or on your local hard drive? Or maybe in Google Drive or in that shared folder on Dropbox? With HoorayHR’s document management you’ll never lose a document again.


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document management

Structure your documents

Personalised system

HoorayHR allows you to easily create your own folders and label documents. This way the layout of the documents fits your organisation. Whether it is for performance reviews or for non-disclosure agreements. Every document is easily found. A piece of cake, right?

  • Simply structure everything
  • Create your own folders!
  • The most important data of an employee is shown instantly

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digital signing

Integrations for signing online

Digital signing

With our smart integrations you can easily connect a signing tool to HoorayHR. Great if you want to sign an employment contract remotely. For a contract renewal or a new colleague!

  • Sign documents easily
  • Everything in one place

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document management

Set reminders

Messages and notifications

For each document you can enter an due date and set a notification. So you know exactly when you need to schedule another performance review, renew an ID card, or send someone off for training to get a certificate.

  • Set your own notifications
  • Never forget a contract renewal again!

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Generate documents based on a template

Coming soon

Soon, you’ll be able to generate documents using your own Word templates (fully customized with your own branding!). Simply insert variables into your documents, which will be automatically replaced with data from the personnel files in HoorayHR. Discover more in the sneak preview.

  • Generate employment contracts directly from your dashboard
  • Instantly create loan agreements based on a company asset
  • Produce addendums or letters for multiple recipients

Discover the strength of HoorayHR

Discover the strength of HoorayHRWatch demo

Frequently asked questions about
document management

Can’t find your answer? Contact us by chat or through our other support channels.
We’d be happy to assist you and your team in streamlining the document management process!

How many documents can I save and store in HoorayHR?

Unlimited! You only pay for active users. Archived users remain available for free, including the documents attached to them.

Can I use HoorayHR for performance reviews?

Yes, you can! You can save reports of meetings. You can attach a notification to these so that you know when it’s time for the next meeting. Isn’t that convenient?

Does everybody have access to all documents?

Certainly not! You can simply specify who is allowed to view which document. Only administrators or also employees and team leaders. You’ll be in line with the GDPR right away.

Want to know more about user roles and rights within HoorayHR? Read our article.

Is HoorayHR GDPR compliant?

Hooray makes your HR administration GDPR-proof. All information is stored safely and is encrypted. You decide who can see what. Easy-peasy and watertight.

How much is HoorayHR?

HoorayHR charges one simple fee of €5,00 per employee per month without additional (implementation) costs. Next to document management, paying this fee gives you access to our other tools as well: leave registration; absent management; expense claims; contract management; personnel files; workflows and our self service app.

Could you give me a short demo?

Sure! We’d be happy to assist you. Schedule a moment right away so one of our support heroes can provide you with a one-on-one tour of our application!



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