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No more entering leave requests and approved leave periods in complicated Excel spreadsheets.
One smart leave management app that automatically does all the calculations for you.
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Wouter Delken
With HoorayHR collegueas can easily check their leave budget and see who is away when. Easypeasy! Wouter Delken, COO - Faqta
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HoorayHR = smart leave registration


From Excel to the cloud

Leave registration

No more complicated Excel Spreadsheets. One smart leave app that automatically does all the calculations for you.

  • A single task list with leave requests
  • Business calendar for self-directed teams
  • Profiles with leave requests and budgets
  • Leave reports
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Smart leave calculations that are always bang on

Leave budgets

Leave budgets that are exactly right down to smallest decimal; HoorayHR automatically performs this for the whole team. HoorayHR’s leave app means you no longer need to waste your precious time on complicated leave calculations.


Requesting leave with a single mouse click

Leave app

Employees get to register their own leave requests with the greatest ease, which is made all the easier as they get to see who of their colleagues will and who will not be working when. This enables teams to schedule team members’ leave entirely by themselves. Which leaves you (or a team leader) only to approve the leave requests. A piece of cake, right?

  • Conveniently structured business calendar
  • Assessing requests by business owner or team leader(s)
  • Links up with Google Calendar and Outlook Agenda
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testimonial wouter
testimonial wouter
Wouter Delken COO - Faqta
It really is child's play. Staff don’t need training to use HoorayHR; they are given a login and just start using it.

Frequently asked questions

If you are unable to find the answer to your question, get in touch with us on the chat or our other support channels.
We are happy to assist you and your team to streamline your leave arrangements!

Can I start using Leave Registration right away?

Yes! Click Free trial and get started at once. You will have added all of your employees and readied the leave budgets in 5 minutes flat.

Is HoorayHR also available as an app?

Yes, HoorayHR is available for iOS and Android. This allows your employees to enter all leave requests directly from their mobile device whilst enabling you to assess incoming requests on yours. Easy peasy, right?

What will HoorayHR’s Leave Registration allow my employees to do?

For your employees, HoorayHR is a great tool. It allows them to check their own leave budget and leave requests with consummate ease. Which in turn saves you having to print a leave summary each month. HoorayHR’s leave summary is up-to-date at all times.
Alongside their own leave, employees get to see who is working when in the business calendar. This enables all employees to estimate the most convenient time to go on leave themselves. Which saves you a lot of time as the administrator.

Will the app link to my digital calendar?

Yes, all HoorayHR leave requests are easily added to your calendar. By way of a smart e-mail link, users can easily add each approved request to their favourite digital calendar (e.g. Office 365 calendar or Google Calendar) at the click of a button. If you change your leave request, the ‘appointment’ in your calendar instantly changes accordingly!

How do I reuse my leave registrations from previous years?

Quick and easy. You can simply ready the leave budgets from previous years and, using a mutation, adjust the leave budget in line with the leave taken in the current year. If you want to spend even less time, ready the leave budget for this year, to which you then add the hours carried over from last year and it’s job done. As soon as you start using HoorayHR, you will never need to worry about new years setting in again. Hooray takes care of that all by itself!

Which types of leave can I register?

HoorayHR has a comprehensive list of leave types built in. The following types of leave are available: holiday, moving house, wedding, dental appointment, doctor’s appointment, funeral, other, short care leave, long care leave, pre-natal leave, childbirth leave, post-natal leave, parental leave, adoption and foster care leave, time off in lieu under Reduced Working Time regulations and bridging leave as an emergency measure to preserve employment. This enables users to properly register all types of leave. And the nice thing is, the summaries easily enable you to compile reports for each leave type over a specific time period (e.g. per month, quarter, year).

Is HoorayHR also available in English?

Yes, alongside the Dutch version HoorayHR is also available in English.

Can I assign my employees to teams/departments?

Yes, all employees can be added to one or several teams. For each team, you can easily add one or several team leaders. Doing so means the designated team leaders will be sent notifications of leave requests, enabling them to appraise the requests concerned. Another useful feature is the fact that the associated reports are easy to access per team.

What is the fee for HoorayHR’s Leave Registration?

HoorayHR bills one straightforward fee of € 4.00 per employee per month without any further costs (no implementation costs!). This fee buys you the use of Leave Registration as well as of our other smart tools: absenteeism registration, document management, contract management, personnel files, pay slip inbox and our self-service app.

Why opt for HoorayHR?

Never lose a single piece of information again. Save time from the get-go, courtesy of a single smart HR tool.
Good reasons to opt for HoorayHR:

  • Plug-and-play in 5 minutes
  • Flexible, you use what you need
  • Break-down according to team and team leader
  • Pay only for working employees
  • Set monthly fee, you are not tied down to a contract (and no implementation costs!)
HoorayHR, the all in one
HR-tool for enterpreneurs
HoorayHR automates your HR processes and provides the information your colleagues need. Our three promises:
Save time
No more Excel; Automate your HR processes
Save money
Save thousands € relative to complex HR software.
Easy to use!
Easy and smart; everybody can work with HoorayHR!
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