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Leave registration software with app

Take care of leave registration without complex Excel spreadsheets. Leave registration at HoorayHR is simple and 100% accurate.

  • Automatically calculated leave
  • Leave registration app for employees
  • Including practical HR features

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Eva Izeboud
HoorayHR means smart leave registration software with HR features. Easy in use and quickly implemented! Eva Izeboud, HR Manager - Stucomm

Smart leave registration
for your team

Keeping track of leave allowances becomes a piece of cake with HoorayHR. All annual leave allowances are automatically calculated. Employees can request leave through the app. You can process the requests with one click of  a button. More time left for your business and using your own talents!


Take care of leave registration

leave management

Process leave requests with one click of a button

A clear leave registration process

HoorayHR’s leave registration software allows you to coordinate leave requests in one single process. You won’t miss a single request and your leave registration is always up to date.

  • Leave requests gathered in one list
  • Leave requests directly calculated
  • Teams and team leaders

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leave management

Spot-on annual leave allowances

Statutory annual leave entitlement and leave that exceeds it

Spot-on annual leave allowances: HoorayHR automatically calculates them for your team. Let HoorayHR do the work so you don’t have to spend anymore time on complex calculations or keeping records.

  • Annual leave allowances calculated with precision
  • Different types of leave calculations
  • Public and compulsory holidays

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leave management

Keep an eye on capacity and availability

Company calendar

With HoorayHR you simply keep an overview of the available capacity. Employees can easily see when their colleagues are available and when they aren’t. Teams can plan their leave in the app. Easy-peasy.

  • Clear company calendar
  • Create teams
  • Integrated with Google Calendar, Ical and Microsoft Calendar

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leave management

Useful leave registration app for employees

Anytime, anywhere

HoorayHR enables you to manage leave registration with an app. Employees can view their annual leave allowance and request their leave antime, anywhere. You only have to approve the requests. Isn’t that easy?

  • Compatible with iOS (Apple iPhone) and Android
  • Request leave anytime, anywhere
  • Directlly approve leave requests

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Frequently asked questions about leave registration

In case you have a question that hasn’t been covered yet, don’t hesitate to contact us by chat or through our other support channels. We’d be happy to assist you in streamlining your leave registration managment process!

Can I start managing leave registration with HoorayHR right away?

Yes, the leave registration software is ready for direct use. Try it for free and get started with managing leave registration at an instant. Within 5 minutes, you’ll have added your employees and set their annual leave allowances.

Is HoorayHR also available as an app?

Yes, you can manage the leave registration process at Hooray with an app for iOS and Android. You can take care of leave registration anytime, anywhere. Your employees can request their leave in the app and you can approve it there as well. Also, you can use the app to take care of sick leave, timesheets and scanning receipts. Easy-peasy. Read more about our self service app!

What can my employees do with the leave registration software?

For your employees leave registration software with HoorayHR is very convenient. They can easily see their own annual leave allowance and leave requests. You do not have to print a monthly leave overview anymore; the HoorayHR leave overview is always up-to-date.
Besides their own leave, employees can easily see in the company calendar who is present at what time. In this way every employee can estimate when it is best to take leave. This saves a lot of time for you as manager. And a leave request is made simple and fast with the leave app.

Can I integrate HoorayHR with my online calendar?

Yes, all HoorayHR leave requests are easy to add to your calendar. Through a smart e-mail link you can easily add any approved request to your favorite digital agenda (e.g. Office 365 or Google Calendar) with one click on the button. Your entire leave registration is continuously synchronised. If your leave request changes, the appointment in your calendar will also change immediately!
You can find more information about calendar integrations in our article.

Does HoorayHR account for differences between types of leave?

Yes! HoorayHR can calculate different types of leave. We keep into account the year end and expiry dates. A leave request is still fully automatic; HoorayHR remembers what categories the leave is derived from and which allowances will expire first.

Is HoorayHR also available in other languages?

Yes, next to Dutch, not just the leave registration feature but HoorayHR as a whole is available in English.

Read our article about how to change your language settings.

Can I create teams or departments for my employees?

Yes, you can add all employees to one or multiple teams. For each team you can set one or multiple team leaders as well. Your team leaders will get notifications of leave requests and be able to approve them. Also, it will be easy to view leave registration reports per team.

Read more in our article.

How much does HoorayHR leave registration management software cost?

HoorayHR charges one simple fee of €5,00 per employee per month without additional (implementation) costs. Next to leave registration, paying this fee gives you access to our other tools as well: contract management; company assets; document management; personnel files; payslips and our self service app.

How do I select a leave registration management system?

There are a couple things to take into account when selecting a leave registration management system. In our blog about leave registration management system we provide you with a selection help.

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