Automate your HR process using workflows

From onboarding to offboarding. All your HR processes in handy workflows with HoorayHR. Build your own triggers and make sure that all tasks are assigned immediately.
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Wouter Delken
It really is child's play. Staff don’t need training to use Hooray; they are given a login and just start using it. Wouter Delken, COO - Faqta

Workflows in HoorayHR

Generate tasks immediately based on triggers and create smart checklists for your team. Need to register a new employee? Activate your onboarding checklist! What about an employee who is sick? Activate the checklist for ‘Wet verbetering poortwachter’, the Dutch Eligibility for Permanent Invalidity Benefit (Restrictions) Act.

And best of all, you can create your own templates!

Organise all your HR processes


The workflows in HoorayHR keep all your processes in one place. No separate checklists in spreadsheets and immediate information about workflow progress.
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All tasks in 1 place

Never overlook a task again. You and your colleagues can see at a glance who should do what and when. Thanks to smart notifications, all HR tasks are always completed on time.
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Useful templates and your own workflows

You can automate workflows quickly using our templates, which include onboarding, offboarding and ‘Wet verbetering poortwachter’. What if you prefer to create your own workflow template for an in-house process? Simply build your own template!
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testimonial wouter
testimonial wouter
Wouter Delken COO - Faqta
It really is child's play. Staff don’t need training to use HoorayHR; they are given a login and just start using it.

Frequently asked questions

If you are unable to find the answer to your question, get in touch with us on the chat line or through our other support channels.We are happy to help you and your team streamline your leave arrangements!

When will Workflows be available?

We are currently working hard to put the finishing touches to Workflows. We expect to launch Workflows at the beginning of Q2.

What standard templates do you offer?

HoorayHR has standard templates for onboarding, offboarding and ‘Wet verbetering poortwachter’. Obviously you can build your own workflows and modify templates.

I have a question or an idea for Workflows. Who should I speak to?

Great! There’s nothing we enjoy more than coming up with new functionalities together with users, so don’t hesitate to send us your ideas! Simply contact the support team and we will be happy to discuss things with you.

Does HoorayHR comply with GDPR legislation and regulations?

HoorayHR makes your HR administration GDPR-proof. All items of data are securely stored in encrypted form and you decide who has access to what. Easy peasy and safe as houses.

What does HoorayHR cost?

HoorayHR charges an all-in fee of €4.00 per employee per month without any further costs (no implementation costs!). This fee buys you the use of Document Management as well as our other smart tools: absenteeism registration, contract management, personnel files, pay slip inbox and our self-service app.

I’d like to see a brief demo, is that possible?

Of course! We’re always happy to make time for demos. Schedule an appointment in our calendar and one of our heroes will take you on a tour through our application!

Why opt for HoorayHR?


  • Plug-and-play in 5 minutes
  • Flexible, you use what you need
  • Break-down according to team and team leader
  • Pay only for working employees
  • Set monthly fee, you are not tied down to a contract (and no implementation costs!)
HoorayHR, the all in one
HR-tool for enterpreneurs
HoorayHR automates your HR processes and provides the information your colleagues need. Our three promises:
Save time
No more Excel; Automate your HR processes
Save money
Save thousands € relative to complex HR software.
Easy to use!
Easy and smart; everybody can work with HoorayHR!
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