Absence management made easy

HoorayHR allows you to report someone as sick with the single click of a button. This lets everybody instantly know what the availabilities are, whilst giving you an insight into the absenteeism rates of your organisation, teams and employees.
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Wouter Delken
It really is child's play. Staff don’t need training to use HoorayHR; they are given a login and just start using it. Wouter Delken, COO - Faqta
Report sick leave

Absent management with HoorayHR


Report in sick with a single mouse click

Absenteeism registration

HoorayHR was designed to save business owners time. Which explains why we have made it so that employees are able to report in sick at the click of a button. Everything up-to-date at all times and no time wasted on registering absences.

  • Reporting absences with a single mouse click
  • Sickness absence rates clearly broken down according to each level: company, team and employee
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Get a grip on absenteeism!

Absenteeism registration

HoorayHR’s Absenteeism Registration gives you immediately actionable management information. We make sure that at all times you are aware of the absenteeism rates per employee, per team and your company as a whole.

testimonial wouter
testimonial wouter
Wouter Delken COO - Faqta
It really is child's play. Staff don’t need training to use HoorayHR; they are given a login and just start using it.

Frequently asked questions

If you are unable to find the answer to your question, get in touch with us on the chat line or our other support channels.
We are happy to assist you and your team to streamline your absenteeism!

Can I start using absenteeism registration right away?

Yes! Click Free trial and get started at once. You will have added all of your employees and readied the leave budgets in 5 minutes flat.

Can employees simply report their own absences?

Yes, they can. Employees have direct access to their own dedicated environment in HoorayHR. They can report in sick on the web version and via the HoorayHR App. This allows staff who are sick to stay in bed and report in sick by themselves.
The minute someone reports in sick, the administrator and/or the team leader is sent a notification e-mail and a push notification in the HoorayHR App.

What kind of information does HoorayHR store in connection with staff reporting in sick?

HoorayHR only requests the person reporting in sick to provide the information permitted by law so as to ensure the employee’s privacy. When you report in sick, HoorayHR will ask you when you took ill and when you expect to be able to return to work. If you are staying at a different address, you can enter this directly in your absenteeism notification.

Does this mean my employees no longer need to call in to say they are sick?

We would advise you to go down the path that best suits your own people management style. Do not forget to record the way you expect employees to report in sick in your Employee Handbook so everybody in your organisation knows about the absenteeism policy.

What should an employee do to report in to say he is recovering?

Open the HoorayHR dashboard and you will see the outstanding absenteeism notifications. Employees can report in to let you know they are recovering in one of two ways. Option 1 is for the employee himself to report in as being on the mend himself. The administrator or team leader is sent a notification and should check this with the employee. Option 2 is for the administrator or team leader himself to report the employee in the system as recovering. You can do so with a single mouse click from the dashboard.

Is HoorayHR also available in English?

Yes, alongside the Dutch version HoorayHR is also available in English.

Is HoorayHR also available as an app?

Yes, HoorayHR has been available for iOS and Android since May 2020. Enabling your employees to enter all leave requests directly from their mobile device whilst enabling you to assess incoming requests on yours. Easy peasy, right?

Can I pull up a summary of the absenteeism registrations?

Yes, we have comprehensive HR analytics that give you a clear overview of all absenteeism registrations at individual, team and company-wide level. Moreover, these summaries are easily adjusted to cover specific time periods (e.g. month, quarter, year).

What is the fee for HoorayHR’s Absenteeism Registration?

HoorayHR bills one straightforward fee of € 4.00 per employee per month without any further costs (no implementation costs!). This fee buys you the use of Absenteeism Registration as well as of our other smart tools: leave registration, document management, contract management, personnel files, pay slip inbox and our self-service app.

Why opt for HoorayHR?

Never lose a single piece of information again. Save time from the get-go, courtesy of a single smart HR tool.
Good reasons to opt for HoorayHR:

  • Plug-and-play in 5 minutes
  • Flexible, you use what you need
  • Break-down according to team and team leader
  • Pay only for working employees
  • Set monthly fee, you are not tied down to a contract (and no implementation costs!)
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HoorayHR automates your HR processes and provides the information your colleagues need. Our three promises:
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