Expenses visible directly in your bookkeeping.

Streamline Your Bookkeeping with HoorayHR’s Yuki Integration

With the integration between HoorayHR and Yuki, it is now possible to automatically transfer declarations from HoorayHR to your Yuki bookkeeping system. This integration ensures that your bookkeeping in Yuki is complete and eliminates the need to manually transfer information from HoorayHR. The process remains streamlined, and you have complete visibility on what your employees should be paid!

Benefits of the HoorayHR x Yuki Integration

The integration between Yuki and HoorayHR offers numerous benefits for entrepreneurs! Declarations are automatically sent from HoorayHR directly to Yuki’s bookkeeping system. An employee submits an expense claim, which is then approved by a manager, after which the process is automated, and all information is available in the Yuki environment. Here are the benefits of the integration:

  • Automatic integration between HR and bookkeeping software
  • Better control over your administration
  • One automated process

How Does the HoorayHR Yuki Integration Work?

With just one click, employees can scan receipts for expenses and submit their expense claims in HoorayHR. The team leader or HoorayHR administrator verifies the expense claim and approves it. Once approved, the expense claim is automatically forwarded to Yuki. All data, including the amount and VAT, is readily available in the Yuki environment. In summary, no more loose receipts or unclear declaration forms!

It’s worth noting that the HoorayHR and Yuki integration uses Universal Business Language (UBL).

More Information and Support

Do you want to use the Yuki x HoorayHR integration and have some questions? Visit our Help Center for answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you still need help, our support team is available every weekday to answer any questions you may have!

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