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Your HR process in one application with Bizcuit and HoorayHR!

Bizcuit and HoorayHR Integration

Bizcuit is the ultimate financial toolkit for entrepreneurs, providing a convenient all-in-one app for managing your documents, bank accounts, and payment orders. Bizcuit provides you with the focus you need to run your business. By teaming up with HoorayHR, Bizcuit helps simplify your administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters in your organisation while leaving bookkeeping and other administrative tasks to Bizcuit and HoorayHR.

Benefits of the Bizcuit x HoorayHR Integration

The integration between Bizcuit and HoorayHR offers a wealth of benefits. As a business owner, you can keep a handle on both your digital personnel records in HoorayHR and your bookkeeping in Bizcuit. HoorayHR automatically sends invoices through Universal Business Language (UBL) to Bizcuit, streamlining your administration and providing instant insight into how much each employee is paid.

  • Streamline administration
  • Use HoorayHR in Bizcuit environment
  • Have all daily tools available in one place

How Does the Bizcuit x HoorayHR Integration Work?

With the integration between HoorayHR and Bizcuit, you can use HoorayHR directly within the Bizcuit environment, allowing you to have all your daily tools in one place. Handle all leave requests, invoices, reports of sick leave, contract notifications, and more within the Bizcuit environment as a business owner.

To use the Bizcuit and HoorayHR integration, log in to your Bizcuit account first. From there, it’s easy to activate the link. Curious about Bizcuit, its capabilities, and the associated costs? Discover them on their website!

If you have a question about HoorayHR, check out the HoorayHR Help Center for answers to frequently asked questions. If you still need assistance, our support team is available to help you from Monday until Friday!

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