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Absences immediately visible in your capacity planning


About Teamleader Orbit

Teamleader Orbit is a project management software specifically designed for agencies and IT companies. With this tool, you maintain an overview of all outstanding tasks within your organization and ensure that each project will be delivered within the deadline and budget. Teamleader Orbit offers a streamlined solution that allows you to run your organization in one place. The tool enables efficient project management, improves team collaboration, and enhances communication with clients, thereby increasing productivity in the organization and ensuring the satisfaction of both employees and clients.

The benefits of the Teamleader Orbit x HoorayHR integration

With the integration, you manage all absences of the organization in one place. This way, you immediately see who is available in the organization. The integration automatically synchronizes leave requests and absence notifications to Teamleader Orbit.

  • Your staff planning up-to-date in Teamleader Orbit
  • Absences automatically synchronized from HoorayHR to Teamleader Orbit
  • Projects completed on time through accurate planning and structured project management

How does the integration between HoorayHR and Teamleader Orbit work?

The integration is easy to activate via the HoorayHR application. Once the integration is activated, Teamleader Orbit automatically imports absence and leave from HoorayHR into the Teamleader Orbit calendar. The integration synchronizes all users based on employee numbers. Besides the absence notifications and scheduled leave days, Teamleader also imports the outstanding leave requests. This way, you also see what the potential capacity in the organization will be when you approve the request later. Public holidays from HoorayHR are currently not imported.

Questions about the integration or would you like more information about the link between HoorayHR and Contact us through one of our support channels.

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