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Link your HoorayHR calendar with iCal. All dates from HoorayHR in your calendar!

Sync your HoorayHR with your iCal calendar, so you never miss an important moment with your team. All birthdays, holidays, and who is available are visible in your personal agenda.

What is iCal?

iCal is a file format that many calendars can read, such as Apple’s iCalendar application. With iCal, it is possible to gain insight into your agenda with any Apple device, such as a Macbook, iPad and iPhone.

The benefits of HoorayHR x iCal integration

The integration between iCal and HoorayHR has many benefits. See when an employee is at work, when someone has a birthday, and when someone is on holiday. This way, you no longer have to constantly check in HoorayHR who is currently present, as we do this for you! This means you have all the information in one place!

  • Directly view vacations of all your colleagues in your calendar
  • Birthdays visible in your calendar
  • See who is and is not working in your personal agenda

How does the HoorayHR x iCal integration work?

Various data are synchronised in real-time from HoorayHR to your calendar. This ensures you always have an up-to-date agenda! HoorayHR synchronises the following data to your iCal calendar:

  • Leave and holidays
  • Availability: who is at work?
  • Birthdays

You can decide whether to enable synchronissation for the entire company or for one or more teams/departments. This way, you can customise the integration according to your needs. Best of all? You can get it done in 2 minutes.

More information and assistance

Would you like to activate the integration with iCal? In the HoorayHR application, you can activate the integration in a few simple steps. In the HoorayHR Help Center, we give answers to the mostly asked questions from our customers. For any other questions, our support team is available from Monday until Friday to answer all your questions!

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