Product update: digital signing now available for everyone!

Product update: digital signing now available for everyone!

Sander Treur23/04/2024

This week, we’ve significantly improved our digital signing feature. And the best news is: from now on, this feature is available to everyone!

What have we improved?

Digital signing was already possible within HoorayHR, but previously, you needed a subscription with our signing partner This is no longer necessary! We still collaborate with, but you no longer need your own account or subscription and can start signing directly.

How does digital signing work?

Digital signing is simple: for every document in HoorayHR, you can initiate a signing request. You choose which colleagues (or external parties) need to sign, optionally set a signing order, and the invitations are sent out. The signing statuses are tracked within the document, and once everyone has signed, all signatories receive the final documents by email and in HoorayHR.

What does digital signing cost?

For each fully signed document, you pay HoorayHR €1.10. This will be added to your monthly invoice.

Ready to start signing? Click there for more information.