How to choose the best HR software?

How to choose the best HR software?

Ramon Glebbeek11/12/2023

With HRM software, all your HR matters are easily arranged. In contrast to keeping individual documents in the cloud, HRM software provides you with a unified system for your HR administration. Contracts can be easily added with expiration dates, documents can be stored, and leave, absence, or hours can be easily submitted. Additionally, the use of HRM software is recommended for data security, as highly sensitive information is included in the personnel file. With HoorayHR, you have an all-in-one HR tool.

HoorayHR allows you to streamline your HR matters, enabling you to focus more on the team, as HR administration is an ongoing process. You don’t have to calculate holidays yourself, instead you can optimise the growth of your employees through Personal Development!

HRM software for employees

Ultimately, HRM software is for the employees. Employees have insight into their personal HR documents and can easily submit requests such as leave, absence, or hours. Employees will use the HRM software, giving you as an entrepreneur more insight into your employees. Keep performance reviews, for example, through our ‘Personal Development’ feature. This way, you conduct a conversation, while points of action that need to be taken are also recorded in the documentation.

Since both you as an entrepreneur and the employees will be using HRM software, it’s essential to find out the employees’ wishes. Engage in a conversation and ask what is currently working well, but also what is not working at the moment. This way, you can find a solution together for how the HR processes should unfold. If you have a wish list in hand, the search for a suitable HRM package will be much more concrete!

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Select HRM software that is future-proof

Another tip for selecting HR software is to look ahead. Is your company going to grow? Will you become active internationally? Do you want to integrate accounting software in the long run? Or send digital payslips? Make sure to map this out in advance and include it in your considerations.

Stick to the core

An obvious but often underestimated tip is to choose an HRM software package that has what you need and especially nothing more. The range of HRM software includes the most diverse packages. Each package offers features for leave management, overtime tracking, digital personnel files, contract management, expense claims, and attendance overview, in the most diverse combinations. It may be tempting to choose a package or HRM software with lots of options and overviews. Don’t get distracted!

HRM software can be as fancy as you want, but if there are too many advanced features that you don’t utilise, it becomes confusing for both you and the employee(s). Always keep in mind that HR software provides a lot of support, but administration for employees is a side issue and should be quick, easy, and clear.

Industry-specific software

Are you bound by industry-specific guidelines or regulations? Then it can be crucial to take this into account when selecting HRM software and inquire thoroughly. There is no one system that is directly applicable to all types of organizations and industries. And precisely software with too many options will more likely impose limitations than benefits because you want to maintain an overview in an HR system where you can access your personnel file.

A tip in this regard is to look for local providers of HRM software. There are often shorter support lines, and everything is quickly regulated regarding laws and regulations in your region. At HoorayHR, we also strongly consider this. We develop all features in our HRM software based on user feedback. This way, we involve everyone in the development of the HRM software.

Need help selecting HRM software?

We are happy to assist you with the selection of an HR tool in accordance with legislation. We are here to help you choose the right software and see if HoorayHR fits your needs! Contact us for more information.