Export files enhanced

Export files enhanced

Sander Treur04/07/2023

Sometimes you want to use the information contained in HoorayHR for other things. To forward data to the payroll administrator, take a snapshot of a report, or unleash your own analysis on the data. To do this, most places in HoorayHR allow you to export data to Excel. As of now, we have made these export files even better, by expanding them with more data.

Wherever you see a table in our application, you will also find the “Export” button. You can also set filters in the table before you export it. Useful to get only the contracts from a certain period, or leave from a specific leave type. We’re happy to tell you what we’ve improved.

More extensive export files

  • In all exports, in addition to the name of a colleague, you will now also find the employee number. Handy for payroll administration.
  • The export of the colleagues table has been extended to the maximum: you now get all profile fields, including the custom extra fields.
  • For the leave, hours, expense claims and travel expenses features, you can now also export information about who reviewed the requests.
  • Almost all exports now include more fields about the items themselves. Think of start and end time for hours, the comments field for all features, the total number of km for travel expenses. You really have all the information available now!

Additional settings in reports

We have also expanded the reports with additional settings. Now you can choose whether archived colleagues should also be visible, and whether the view should be grouped into teams. This also determines how your export file looks.

With this update, our application got a bit better again. Do you have any questions, wishes or feedback? Feel free to let us know!