Data protection and the use of HoorayHR


At HoorayHR, it’s important to us that data is stored securely and operated in full compliance with the GDPR standard. We would be happy to tell you more about the GDPR requirements and how this affect you and HoorayHR!

GDPR; what does it mean?

GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, means that there’s a regulation that the same rules on privacy legislation have been set across the European Union (EU). From May 25, 2018, the GDPR was implemented and applies to all organizations that handle the personal data of individuals residing in the European Union (EU).

How do we comply with the GDPR?

HoorayHR makes every effort to comply with the GDPR. We follow the standards set out in our ISO 27001 certification, but are also happy to explore our practices in more detail. To make it easy, we have prepared a GDPR-checklist for you. Using this checklist, you can immediately see what measures we take to comply with GDPR-legislation and regulations!

  • ISO 27001 certification
    HoorayHR is ISO 27001 certified. On this page you can read more about it!
  • Support
    Sometimes it can be useful for us to watch along with you when something fails in our application. To watch along with you, we always ask premission to turn on ‘Support’ in your HoorayHR environment!
  • Hosting in the EU
    Our data is hosted on servers in the EU.
  • Data Processing Agreement
    In our Data Processing Agreement we guarantee that HoorayHR takes appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure data security.
  • Terms and conditions
    In our Terms and Conditions you read the terms and conditions applicable to the use of HoorayHR.
  • Privacy policy
    In our privacy policy we tell you more about the processing of personal data in HoorayHR.