The reason for having an employee handbook and 3 cool examples

The reason for having an employee handbook and 3 cool examples

Theo Schroen23/04/2021

An employee handbook is a book that lists all of the internal information in the area of human resources. An employee handbook often describes three things, the culture, the workflow and the company policies. For inspiration, we’ve picked three great examples.

Why an employee handbook?

An employee handbook provides a clear overview of human resources policies. It provides structure and clarity about the rules, rights and obligations that apply in the company. You can fall back on it if there are any ambiguities. But more importantly, the personnel handbook gives you the opportunity to put the culture of your company into words. The handbook therefore comes in handy when onboarding a new employee, or as a reference book for current staff. We’ve listed 3 employee handbooks for you to use as examples when creating or modifying your own handbook!

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Employee handbook 1: Zappos

The first example is Zappos’ handbook. The highlight of this book are all the employee testimonials. What better way to explain what working for a company is like than by the employees themselves? Check out the Zappos handbook for tons of inspiration!



Employee handbook 2: Valve 

The second example is Valve’s handbook. Valve is one of the most successful game creators. They use the handbook as a guide for new employees. The handbook is divided into 6 parts to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible. Curious about Valve’s culture handbook?



Employee handbook 3: Hubspot 

The third example is Hubspot’s handbook. Hubspot offers a CRM system. Hubspot created this handbook with the goal of conveying the company culture. As such, the handbook describes all parts of the culture in detail. Curious about Hubspot’s culture? Check out Hubspot’s employee handbook.Culturecode