Contracts feature: 4 improvements

Contracts feature: 4 improvements

Sander Treur07/06/2023

This past month, we’ve been busy working on the contracts feature. We have implemented several highly requested improvements, making it even easier to manage your contracts. In this blog, we are excited to share with you all the improvements that have been made.

1. Customizable contract types

You can now manage contract types yourself. By default, you can choose from indefinite, definite, and internship, but you have complete freedom to include and add your contract types. For example, you can easily add types such as minimum-maximum, freelance, and zero-hour contracts. You can even filter contract overviews and reports easily based on your contract types.

2. Easy contract renewals or terminations

When entering a new agreement with your employee, extending a contract is as simple as creating a new contract. We automatically determine the active contract based on the start date. If you extend a contract in the future, it will automatically get the “Future” status until it becomes active.

To terminate a contract, make sure to terminate the employment. This allows us to neatly close your employee’s file, including the termination of the current contract.

3. Expiring contracts as tasks in your dashboard

We have added expiring contracts to the task screen in your dashboard. If a contract is expiring within 90 days, it will appear in your overview. You can then choose to renew or terminate the contract. Once you’ve taken action, the contract will automatically disappear from your overview. Handy!

4. Contracts report

The reporting feature now includes a report specifically for contracts within the company. In one overview, you can see which contracts are expiring or expired for the entire company, each team, and each individual. You can also see the average length of service for your employees and the number of contracts each employee has had. In this report, you can filter based on contract types (labels) as well.

We are thrilled with this wonderful addition and hope that these updates make it even easier for you to manage your HR matters through HoorayHR. If you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to let us know!