7 tips to get the most out of your HR processes in 2024

7 tips to get the most out of your HR processes in 2024

Ramon Glebbeek11/12/2023

Have your HR processes been updated for 2024? At HoorayHR, we haven’t been idle the past year. We’re happy to take you on board our journey of the past year. We will use 7 HR tips to illustrate how you can easily and quickly upgrade your HR processes with smart HR software, in order to propel you forward to 2024.

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Tip 1: Excel, Humbug! Collect all your HR data in one place to get an overview and insights quickly

Ok, perhaps this is rather obvious, as you are already looking for an HR solution. But there are still a lot of companies that use Excel. All kinds of spreadsheets are floating around in the organisation. Leave, absence, who has the keys, 1:1 meeting schedules… Centralise your data in one spot, create an overview using digital personnel files, and ensure you get reminders from HoorayHR about important events in the organisation. These notifications keep you updated from anniversaries to leave, and from birthdays to a feedback cycle. What’s nice: last month we updated the design of our digital personnel files. This creates a better overview, allows you to switch between staff members quickly and lets you compare data directly.

Tip 2: Build an effective onboarding process

We recently surveyed over 300 SMEs on challenges around Hiring and Onboarding. About 50% of the respondents indicated that they do not have a structured onboarding process which is easily adaptable to different roles and functions. This wastes valuable time, but we also unfortunately see employees getting off to a worse start than the company (and the new hire) may have wanted.

With HoorayHR, you can easily create templates to standardise the onboarding process. This way, everyone in the organisation knows what needs to happen when to give your new colleague a flying start. And even better: the new hire can easily onboard themselves and provide all data/documents in a structured way.

Tip 3: Save time with automatic leave calculations for any type of leave

Tired of building formulas in Excel to calculate leave? Tired of calculating all different types of leave, or just no visibility into absenteiism or maternity leave?

With HoorayHR, we have built the most powerful leave solution in the Europe by early 2023. At the push of a button, you can create, calculate and assign any leave type to the right employees! This way, you easily keep track of holiday leave, maternity leave, parental leave, time off in lieu and all other types of leave in HoorayHR. Different countries or different leave arrangements? No problem at all! You can give each employee their own set of leave rules.

And the best part? The employee has instant insight and overview of their own leave allowances and can quickly make a request using the app. Hooray!

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Tip 4: Focus on employee retention: from 1:1 meetings to 360-degree feedback

Many companies have growth ambitions for 2024, perhaps you do too? We see that 80% of SMEs struggle to find the right staff, and 35% feel this is because of the competitive market. In other words, there is a considerable shortage of well-trained staff.

Besides believing that talents are your company’s most important asset, employee retention will only become more important in 2024. So take good care of your team and talents. You do this by developing a good company culture, including a good focus on personal development of employees in the organisation. Everyone likes to work in a place where they can grow.

Therefore, start with 1-on-1 interviews, for example. Engage with your team members every two weeks and set concrete goals to boost your team’s growth!

Nice-to-know: we are actually launching 360-degree feedback this year. This will give entrepreneurs and HR managers insight into the development of their employees, but even better; employees themselves will gain insight! This way, together you give substance to the growth ambition of each individual.

Tip 5: Provide your employees with structured insights and save valuable time

Are employees unable to see their own HR data? Or view their own leave allowance because it’s in a separate document? Are you still receiving leave requests or relocation notifications by email or phone from your team? Then quickly switch to HoorayHR’s HR software.

With HoorayHR, every employee has a handy HR self-service app on their phone, so they can quickly submit their cases to you. This way, you no longer have to fill in employee details yourself, the employee does it for you. And even better; employees are super happy that they can do this themselves and have insight into their own personnel file!

Tip 6: Make sure HR data is available from every place you’re working from

In HoorayHR, all HR data is in one place. Very convenient, so you never lose anything, have an overview of all the different processes and have insight into handy reports.

Even better; you can easily make this HR data available in the other tools you use. Did you know, for instance, that you can link HoorayHR to the following packages

  • Recruitment: easily link to your recruitment software, such as Homerun, Recruitee and TeamTailor. Quickly find out which recruitment system is right for you. Check our ATS system selection guide.
  • Payroll: Simple mutation overviews so you no longer have to pass anything on separately to your payroll administrator.
  • Accounting: HoorayHR can be linked to virtually any accounting package for declarations, including VAT breakdown.
  • Calendar: leave and birthdays directly in your own calendar, from Microsoft Calendar to Google Calendar.
  • Workspace: the entire HR communication flow via Slack and Microsoft Teams.

In short, all data available in the right place! More structure, a better overview and more time for other tasks.

Tip 7: Start within a week: free onboarding service!

Would you like to get started with HoorayHR? Then our customer success team will gladly help you for free! Together we will ensure that your entire HR administration is automated, and that we can help you with this immediately. We will have your core HR up and running in HoorayHR within a week.

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