A seamless transition from hiring to onboarding

A user-friendly HR tool for your team, coupled with a streamlined hiring process. Candidates captured in Homerun can be transferred to HoorayHR in just a few clicks!

  • Hiring & onboarding insights from 350+ SMB’s
  • Additional features for onboarding and development
  • An all-in-one HR system that everyone understands

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Jente Kieft
The data from Homerun is directly visible in HoorayHR. This ensures less manual work and a fully streamlined cycle from hiring to onboarding! Jente Kieft, HR Manager at Edulance

Hiring & Onboarding Insights

Whitepaper Homerun x HoorayHR

hoorayhr homerun

User friendly HR-tool for your team!

All-in-one HR-tool

HoorayHR is HR software that fits SMEs like a glove. With HoorayHR, all your HR matters are simply taken care of. Our tool helps you onboard, manage and grow your employees. All in one clear interface, attractive for the whole team.

  • HR software with a laser-like focus on your HR processes.
  • Perfect as an addition to Homerun.
  • Features that develop your team: HR analytics, personal development, workflows.

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Homerun dashboard

Streamline the hiring process!

Easy-to-use hiring-tool

Homerun offers smart recruitment software, also known as an ATS System, that helps you streamline the hiring process in your organisation. You can easily create job posts and career pages. Interested clients can apply directly and enter a funnel, so that you can easily manage applications. Homerun gives you more control over the entire hiring-process. And with the HoorayHR integration, you add the new hires automatically in your HR tool!

  • Craft an irresistable career page
  • Create forms for organised hiring
  • Streamline the hiring process

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Activate the integration between Homerun and HoorayHR!

Integration Homerun x HoorayHR

Can’t wait to get started with Homerun and HoorayHR? Good! We’d love to help you get started using HoorayHR right away. Optimise the hiring process, connect with HoorayHR and streamline the onboarding process in your organisation. Activate the integration in your HoorayHR environment and get started right away. Both the administrator and new hire can start with the onboarding workflow in HoorayHR right away!

  • New hires from Homerun directly in HoorayHR!
  • Get started with the onboarding workflow
  • A streamlined recruitment and HR process

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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find your answer is here, please contact us via chat or our other support channels.
We will be happy to help you and your team streamline your HR process!

Why use Homerun & HoorayHR?

An ever-growing group of users of HoorayHR and Homerun like to streamline their hiring and onboarding process. Homerun and HoorayHR have developed this integration to link new hires from Homerun directly to HoorayHR. This way, no more manual work is needed and the process is fully automated!

The best of both worlds: HoorayHR offers user-friendly HR software and Homerun has got your hiring process covered.

How much does the integration with Homerun cost?

When you’re a both a Homerun and HoorayHR client, the integration is completely free. We’ll even help you with setting up the integration for your HoorayHR environment!

How do I activate the integration?

Activating the integration between Homerun and HoorayHR is a piece of cake! Read how to get started in this Helpcenter-article.

I want to schedule a demo. Is that possible?

Of course! We’d be happy to personally help you. Schedule an appointment directly in our calendar and one of our support heroes will give you a tour of our application!

Jente Kieft HR Manager at Edulance
The data from Homerun is directly visible in HoorayHR. This ensures less manual work and a fully streamlined cycle from hiring to onboarding!