Expense management in HoorayHR

No more receipts lying everywhere! Scan your expense claims with HoorayHR and bring structure to your expense claims process. You save time, eliminate mistakes and generate useful management information about the expenses incurred for your business.
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Wouter Delken
It really is child's play. Staff don’t need training to use Hooray; they are given a login and just start using it. Wouter Delken, COO - Faqta

Immediate receipt processing

Where on earth have I put that receipt I need? When will my expenses be paid? What is the level of expenses per employee? HoorayHR features an expense claims app that automates the entire expense claim process; from scanning to processing in your accounting system.

Automate your expense claim process

Expense Management like a pro

Employees simply scan their expense receipts with the HoorayHR app. You receive all the receipts digitally in one place, so approval is a piece of cake. You will never lose a receipt again and claims can be paid immediately!
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Monthly report on outgoing payments

Cost summary

You know exactly how much you have to pay and to whom at the end of the month. HoorayHR provides management information about all expenses whenever you need it.
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Clear breakdown of your expenses


Our expenses report details exactly what costs have been incurred. And puts you in control of your spending!
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testimonial wouter
testimonial wouter
Wouter Delken COO - Faqta
It really is child's play. Staff don’t need training to use HoorayHR; they are given a login and just start using it.

Frequently asked questions

If you are unable to find the answer to your question, get in touch with us on the chat line or through our other support channels.We are happy to help you and your team streamline your leave arrangements!

Does HoorayHR have an expense claims app?

It does! The HoorayHR app offers easy-to-use functionality for scanning receipts and submitting them to the administrator or team leader. The expense claim goes straight to the right person for fast approval.

Can HoorayHR be linked to my payroll and/or accounting software?

HoorayHR can be linked with payroll and accounting software packages. So the expense claims are automatically transferred for processing. Please contact our support team for details of package compatibility.

Can anybody access all the expense claims?

In HoorayHR, you can easily set who is allowed to view what and which employees are authorised to approve expense claims. Only administrators, or perhaps you want to include team leaders as well.

Does HoorayHR comply with GDPR legislation and regulations?

HoorayHR makes your HR administration GDPR-proof. All items of data are securely stored in encrypted form and you decide who has access to what. Easy peasy and safe as houses.

What does HoorayHR cost?

HoorayHR charges an all-in fee of €4.00 per employee per month without any further costs (no implementation costs!). This fee buys you the use of Document Management as well as our other smart tools: absenteeism registration, contract management, personnel files, pay slip inbox and our self-service app.

Can the expense claims app also be used for journey registration?

At the moment, we do not offer separate features for journey registration. However, you can easily keep track of your journeys in a spreadsheet and upload the information as an expense claim. This means that you can support the entire expense claim settlement process.

I’d like to see a brief demo, is that possible?

Of course! We’re always happy to make time for demos. Schedule an appointment in our calendar and one of our heroes will take you on a tour through our application!

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  • Plug-and-play in 5 minutes
  • Flexible, you use what you need
  • Break-down according to team and team leader
  • Pay only for working employees
  • Set monthly fee, you are not tied down to a contract (and no implementation costs!)
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HoorayHR automates your HR processes and provides the information your colleagues need. Our three promises:
Save time
No more Excel; Automate your HR processes
Save money
Save thousands € relative to complex HR software.
Easy to use!
Easy and smart; everybody can work with HoorayHR!
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